10 life lessons

10 Life Lessons that will make you Stronger and Successful

To get the taste of success, it’s essential to experience failures. But you have to decide if you are going to let these obstacles pin you down or make you stand up once again.

Adopting the right attitude and focusing your energy on learning some of the most crucial life lessons is essential to living a better and mindful life.

Failure is nothing but another opportunity to learn something new. So here’s a list of 10 life lessons to embrace.

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1. You are and will be judged constantly.

One of the life’s bluntest truths is that no matter what you do, you will always be judged. Most unfortunately, this is an intrinsic characteristic of us as humans. We are continually scrutinising, assessing, and comparing people and places with each other.

Don’t let this ordeal affect you from being the best version of yourself.

2. The world isn’t bothered about how you feel.

Yes, definitely your immediate family cares for your feelings. And so does your therapist as long as you’re shelling out good money to him. But, stepping out of the fairytale and into the real world, you will realise that no one else is majorly concerned with your emotional well-being.

This doesn’t essentially imply that you are surrounded by cold and heartless people. It simply means that nobody prioritises your feelings above the conundrums of their own life.

Hence, you need to be extremely careful about exposing your sensitivity to people. Not everyone considers protecting your emotional interests an exceedingly important project.

3. The things you worry most about won’t matter in a few years.

Seriously, it’s not worth being on pins and needles for all the trivial stuff. We get accustomed to wasting our precious time by worrying about insignificant things. We fail to anticipate that these things aren’t worth all our energy as they won’t matter in a week, let alone ten years from now on.

Stop stressing out about things such as a missed deadline, a silly mistake made accidentally or a terrible traffic jam on your way to work. Take a deep breath and ignore these trivialities of life. They aren’t worth getting mad over.  

4. People don’t mean most of the things they say.

People tend to say things they don’t really mean. It may be due to the desperateness to fit in with a group or it may be due to sudden bouts of anger. Most of the time, we sugar coat our actual feelings to avoid being hurtful or offensive towards others.

Everyone tells little white lies in social situations. Everyone possesses their own unique perspective and sees life the way they want by wearing their own rose tinted glasses.

The person in conversation with you can have a lot going on in his mind. He may be jealous, insecure, afraid or angry at you. Or he may intentionally say some things to seem better than you. So, stop obsessing too much over what people say.

5. There’s no right time to do anything.

The best example of this can be Colonel Harland Sanders, who at the age of 65, decided to sell fried chicken. And that was the humble start of food giant KFC!

There exists no such thing as the ‘right timing’ to begin what your heart says. And there never will be. It all depends on when you decide to take the plunge.

6. Your parents were correct about most of the things in life.

Do you remember the times when you rolled your eyes over while your mum imparted her wisdom? It is true that the generation gap has crept up and you felt that your parents didn’t know much when you were a teenager. But, it’s also equally true their decision making and maturity levels are something you never understood as a teen.

They may not know how to use an iPhone or open WhatsApp. But when it comes to deeper (& more important) things in life, no one can beat their experience.

They have built their own perspective by experiencing ups and downs of life. It doesn’t hurt to listen to what they have to offer.

7. You will always be imperfect, and that’s what makes you unique.

Your imperfections set you apart and make you incredible. Nothing and no one in this world is absolutely perfect. Grab the opportunities that come your way instead of staying in the hood until you are ‘perfect’ enough. If you wait too long, no one will ever know about your innate gifts.

Think about creating great things, not perfect things.

8. Life can be tough for everyone. You are not the only one.

When your own life gets tough, you are struck with insecurity. At such a hard juncture, it’s easy to get jealous of your happy-go-lucky friend or ever joyful cousin whose lives appear sorted out. But that’s not actually the case always.

Statistically, we will all eventually lose loved ones, suffer periods of illness, personal conflicts and failures. Everyone in this universe goes through some kind of trouble at some point in their lives.

Don’t be deceived by cool looking Facebook profiles and assume that life has been unfair to you alone. We all have to battle the harsh realities. You are not the only one who is doing so.

9. Time heals everything.

Time has the power to fade away a plethora of events and occurrences from your memory. Bitter or sweet, good or bad- time flows at its own pace and keeps burying these memories in its deep sands. We also forget and stop getting affected by them anymore. Hence, life goes on and so should we.

10. You are going to die one day.

It is an inevitable fact that each one of us has to end our journey on the Earth one day. But instead of being afraid of death, you need to find the true meaning of life. Eventually, you have nothing to lose, so don’t shy away from following your heart.

Remembering that you will die one day, can be used to your benefit in letting go of the inhibitions and fear of failures. The acknowledgement of death can help you make great choices in life without any hesitance.

Your turn:

So, bring all these lessons together and incorporate in yourself the wisdom they have to offer.  Change for the better and derive equally from the triumphs as well as the mistakes. Success will follow you.

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